Island Gem Five Hours Away

Posted on Saturday, April 9th, 2011 at 5:27 pm

Mauritius is an easy and beautiful holiday destination. We really are lucky fishes cause this charming Indian Ocean gem is only five hours direct flight from Cape Town.  Air Mauritius allows 37 kg luggage and the islanders are super friendly, honest, and speak French and often fluent English.

Indian Resort on le Morne Peninsula ticked all the boxes for a number of reasons:

  • Its situated on the beautiful Le Morne Peninsula, which has been declared a world heritage site because it’s so unique.
  • From a SUP (stand up paddle board) the peninsula with its green misty mountain and the palm fringed beaches and the water the colour of glacier ice (but temperature of bubble bath) looks like paradise and reminds me of the pictures I have seen of Tahiti
  • Tamarin Bay is 30 min drive up the west coast and even reachable by public transport
  • Le Morne Peninsula seems to be most consistent for wind and swell, which also means the crowd in the resort is slightly younger and more sporty than elsewhere
  • There are a couple of small vendors under shady pine trees that sell fresh pinapple, fruit salad and cappuchinos at girls beach, which is right next to club Mistral at the resort (I named it girls beach because its where all the girls wait for their boyfriends to come back from kite surfing or the surf spots out at the reefs such as One Eye, Le Morne Left etc.)
  • With a huge fruit buffet for brekki, and salad bar, vegetable curries and sea food for dinner, it was easy to keep the beach-body slim, despite several trips to the buffet.

Le Morne Peninsula offers lots of kite and windsurfing opportunities (both for beginners and advanced) and a few gems for those who can surf (surf surf). I particularly enjoyed a spot called Black Stone which is c 20 km up the west coast on the right hand side of Tamarin Bay and accessible by a mystical little path way through thick tropical bush. It’s a fun wave and the paddle in and out is quick unlike most other spots in Mauritius where the reefs are miles out in the ocean. The only down side is, like the left in Tamarin Bay, Black Stone really only breaks on a huge swell.

If there is no surf, there are lots of hikes in the Black River Gorge National Park, which reminded me a bit of Newlands Forest with narrower paths, more lush green and without people who want to mug you.

My boyfriend and I went on little day trips with our heavily overloaded rental car. Amongst other places, we missioned to Blue Bay, checking out potential surf spots such as Ilo Sancho, Maconde Point and Cemetery, as well as the beautiful rum distillery St Aubin (book in advance if you want to sample their special Vanilla Chicken for lunch). Blue Bay with its sheltered lagoon and crystal blue water is a popular spot for glass bottom boat excursions and has a really nice, warm, tropical and happy vibe. We used our own glass bottom SUPs for a sun set cruise to Coco Island, which is a couple of km across the crystal lagoon.

Magic moments, great memories!

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