Beginner surf spots in Cape Town – Witsands and Barclays

When the swell hasn’t pushed into False Bay but the wind is north-westerly, this might be the place to go.  The wave is fun when it works but most of the time it’s all over the show and there are irritating rips. It’s right near to the infamous big wave Crayfish Factory. When Crayfish Factory is on, Barclays, another little sand bank, on the very right hand side of the bay, starts producing a surfable ride.
You have to clamber down an embankment and there are no loos around. This spot has a bit of a history for car break-ins, so best not to leave anything of value in the car.
Most of the time you will surf this spot wishing there were more people in the water. Remote and open-oceaned, the atmosphere here can be a bit scary.
1 out of 5. You haven’t missed anything if you never surf this spot.