Cape Town surf report

A beachbums dream. This website displays all important webcams on one page. Could not be easier. Included: Milnerton, Dolphin Beach, Sellis (the Wreck), Table view, Doodles, Big Bay, Strand, Muizenberg Corner, Muizenberg Pavillion and some cams for hikers and winetasters.
Surf reports
Wavescape is the organizer of the surf film festival that takes place every December. Wavesacpe also offers a fabulous surf report for all surf regions in SA.
Windguru is very comprehensive. It gives you all relevant information to plan your surf for the entire week without even being anywhere near the ocean. Wind direction, swell size, swell direction, temperature is all neatly tucked into a compact little table.
Learn 2 Surf /Muizenberg
This 5 day Muizenberg surf report is updated twice a week. Follow the link to subscribe to it and get the update by email or just visit their website to find out whats happening. If you need surf lessons or want to rent surf boards you can contact Learn 2 Surf too. The surf instructor is seriously hot and single at the moment!

This site is similar to Windguru. However, unlike Windguru the star rating refers to swell and wind direction rather than Windspeed (a 3 star rating means plenty wind). This is because Windguru was initially created for Windsurfers. Another advantage of surf-forecast is that the site doesn’t just give you the wind direction but tells you if the wind is offshore, onshore or crosshsore at a specific spot. Even fairly unknown spots like Gerickes Point are listed.

Mobile reports
Surfreport Muizenberg
SMS Surf to 35010 for a surf report for Muizenberg. Updated at approximately 9 am.
Windreport Milnerton
SMS Mi to 35010. It will give you the last 5 readings in knots.