Surf spots near Cape Town – Vic Bay

Cosy Victoria Bay also lovingly called Vic Bay is near George conveniently positioned about half way to Jeffreys Bay. Its the perfect spot for a “small” long weekend or for a dip on the way to Jbay.

There is an inside and an outside section to this classic point break. The big boys take off next to a protruding rock and drop straight into a steepish section that turns into a ripable wall. Small girls sit further in, take off on the wall and catch leftovers. Either way its a long fun wave perfect for long and shortboards.

Paddle out via the beach (if you want to surf without booties and don’t mind a long paddle), jump off from the tidal pool (high tide only) or be a tuffy and jump off the rocks at the end of the promenade (get yourself a spotter, to tell you when to jump and start paddling).  It is at its best at four to six foot but can handle bigger and is fun in smaller swell as well. The water here is usually much warmer than in Cape Town.

There is now a backpackers in Vic Bay’s small promenade, called the Vic Bay Surf Lodge and a small surf shop where you can rent wetsuits and surfbards and buy wax. There are also a variety of guest houses along the Vic Bay promenade and a beautiful camp site partway up the hill for smaller budgets.
Vic Bay can get rather crowded on a good day. However, when not 100% perfect, it’s still better than many surf spots in Cape Town, but uncrowded. There is a crew called the Vic Bay Locals (VBL), who are trying to protect this miniature surf paradise. Peeps will check you out on your first wave. Show them you can surf  – and be friendly.
4 out of 5 for consistency, cosiness (this spot feels very snug), beauty of surroundings, water temperature and quality of wave. It loses one star because of its strict policy on dogs. No dogs allowed. Not even small well behaved ones on leashes.
Vic Bay on a bad day