Surfsisters is an open community for Cape Town’s coldwater wahines and those in the making

“Hey there are so many surfer chicks in Cape Town: we women need a community platform . . .” “Yes,” I replied, “because we’re all surfers, whatever our version of stoke”. And, long story short, Surfsisters was born.

Surfer girls have different interests to male surfers, who are mainly interested in manly stuff, like getting barrelled and looking at gorgeous tanned bodies. On Surfsisters, South Africas website for surfing girls expect to find female-inspired stuff, written by other women – like articles about surfing preggy, girl-friendly local surf spots and overseas surf trips, and awkward stuff like surfing while having your period.

In essence, Surfsisters is a community where ocean-lovers can bond. There is no localism and everyone can join and contribute.