Wet(suit) fashion – girls overseas look hotter than us

Posted on Saturday, November 3rd, 2012 at 1:20 pm

Residing in Copenhagen, without the means to pop on a wetsuit and access the few surf breaks that apparently lie out there somewhere in the land of the Danes and hence not having surfed in months (!), has made me engage in slightly masochist endavours such as watching way too many surf movies and daily browsing the Liquid Salt website.

Practical ladies surf wear

Pret-à-Surf - http://pretasurf.com

Sexy surf wear

Alopé - http://www.alope.com.au/index.html

Ladies swimwear

Pret-à-Surf - http://pretasurf.com/

However, I do get a lot of web surfing done. And one of these recent surf missions actually turned out not to be a total waste of time. Not only did I find a little online jewel – the Salt Gypsy webpage – but I also found answers to profound questions, which have nagged me for a long long time: are there alternatives to boring/tacky wetsuits and rash guards out there, will I ever find the perfect swimsuit???

fashionable surfer girl in sexy wetsuit

Velvet Dreams - http://www.velvetdreams.jp/

Fashionable full wetsuits for ladies

Velvet Dreams - http://www.velvetdreams.jp/

The issue of female wetsuits has appeared in a many a discussion between Holle and me over the course of the last few years. And although I think we have different visions of what the ideal female wetsuit should look like, we both share a distaste for the conventional female suits on the market. So I was happy to discover that the spectrum of styles and suits is a little wider in Australia and the US of A. And not only are there other options out there for the woman, whose definition of style does not include pink and glitter and big logos (which seems to be the standard look for women’s suits) – but the selection is surprisingly rich. There’s even a neoprene suit in leopard print (and respect to any chick who pulls that one off)!

Full ladies wetsuit

Muther of all Things - http://mutherofallthings.com/

Sexy surfwear


Sexy and practical surfwear

Alopé - http://www.alope.com.au/index.html

All I need now, is lots of dough and some warm waves so I can indulge in my new-found loves…

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