Surfsisters, open online community for Cape Town’s coldwater wahines and those in the making

“Hey there are so many surfer chicks in Cape Town: we women need a community platform . . .” “Yes,” I replied, “because we’re all surfers, whatever our version of stoke”. And, long story short, Surfsisters was born.

Surfer girls have different interests to male surfers, who are mainly interested in macho stuff, like getting barrelled and looking at gorgeous tanned bodies. On Surfsisters, South Africas new website for surfing girls expect to find female-inspired stuff, written by other women – like articles about surfing preggy, girl-friendly local surf spots and overseas surf trips, and awkward stuff like surfing while having your period. In essence, Surfsisters is an online community where women can bond with other surfers. There is no localism and everyone can contribute.

Surfsisters has a Facebook fan page for us to socialize with each other and share information relevant to other sisters. We post daily surf reports here but peeps also use it to leave messages about what news they’ve heard – like Elands is firing or that Derdesteen is closing out, the shark siren just went off, there is a contest in Muizi next weekend or we are all meeting at Clifton for a celebratory after work surf.

If you a beginner surfer girl or Surfsister from overseas looking for surf buddies in South Africa we would be happy to meet you. Get in touch with us via Facebook and we take you along and give you some valuable inside information on surfing in Cape Town and beyond.

We believe that whether a sister is a seasoned competitor or a beginner, a stand up paddler, longboarder, shortboarder, bodyboarder or any combinations – she is courageous and fun seeking, she enjoys an adrenaline rush that flower arrangers don’t experience. A surfer woman is gorgeous, even with her hair in a wipe-out tangle, even in a seal-suit. And she now has a voice in the male dominated world of surfing.