Beginner surf spots in Cape Town – Kessels

You might find the odd crowd on the rare occasion surfing on the Camps Bay side of Glen beach. They are surfing a surf spot called Kessels, which can be quite good at times. Its a sand-filled left and a right. Both are only ridable on a small summer’s day. The tide is not really a factor here.
Surfing is not one of the main attractions at this beach. In summer Camps Bay turns into an international playground for beach bats, volley ball and skimboarding. The crowd is mixed and the atmosphere multicultural. If the Cape Doctor is blowing and the sand is giving you a free peeling try popular surfing beach Glen Beach (the small beach next door).
This is Camps Bay, a trendy place – its about seeing the sea and the mountains and being seen. There is an entire stretch of beach front to pick and chose – lots of restaurants , coffee shops (including a Vida E Cafe), Bayside Cafe for home food and Kauai for smoothies.
3 out of 5 if it works. This is not one of Cape Town’s best surf spots but surfing it with a group of friends on a warm summer’s evening happy memories can be produced.