Intermediate surf spots in Cape Town – Clifton 1st beach and Moses

Clifton First Beach, one of three Atlantic seaboard longboardable surf spots, is the only one good for a beginner surfer – but only in a small swell, when nowhere else has waves. Clifton 1st beach (and Moses, right next door) are spots to check out when the south-easter is howling around the Peninsula, and the Atlantic is as flat as a pancake. If the banks are right, there will be a 2 to 3 ft. wave with a nice little shape. When the swell gets bigger Clifton closes out and in any case, you would not choose Clifton when there are so many better surf spots to choose.  There is also a small easy right or left off Cherry, an aptly named rock on the border of second beach, which works at high tide.

This firsthand report on Clifton was sent in by Therese Russell.

There are beach vendors selling cool drinks and ice cream. This is also a lovely spot for sundowners, but you will have to bring down your own supplies.
This beach has been popular since forever and has always been the place to eye the boys playing beach bats. Besides, the word has spread that some Surfsisters have lately been having after-work surf sessions here. Check our Facebook Fanpage for updates.
2 out of 5 for scenery and because there is not a breeze when every other surf spot in Cape Town is a write-off because of the howling southeaster.
Clifton second beach