Intermediate surf spots in Cape Town – Innerkom, Ledge and Outerkom

These are three stand alone breaks but are sort of all in a line, one behind the other. Starting at the back, we have the Outer – usually a formidable break, but I have heard of it being accessible to an averagely good surfer when it’s running in a medium swell. It’s a left and is relativey solid. Not entirely for the faint hearted and not for beginners.

Then comes the Ledge – the middle bit. Breaking on a ledge of rock, this wave is smaller than the Outer but still quite a size when it works – just make sure you turn left sharply – it’s a good drop and a mellow wall. If you’re lucky you can go from the Ledge onto the Inner without missing a stroke.

The Inner is the smallest of the three, closest to the shore and it’s full of groms, so try to get as close to the inside as you can or you’ll never get a ride. It’s a fun left, breaking close to the rocks and runs all the way to near the slipway at the extreme right end.

The slipway, by the way, is a good place to paddle out from.  To get there drive to the far end of Kommetjie and turn right opposite the Kommetjie Superette and then immediately left.  A gravel parking area will be on your right soon after the turnoff, so
turn eyes right.

Off the main road just up from the turnoff to Kom is a worthwhile coffee shop/restaurant called There is also the Greenroom for smoothies and fresh juices.
There is a great variety of surfers here. The chaps who surf Outerkom and the Ledge are  pretty hardcore. Innerkom is frequented by surf groms.
3 out of 5 for the good quality at all three )Inner, Ledge and Outer) but not more because Inner gets crowded with groms and the Outer is not all that girlie friendly.