Intermediate surf spots in Cape Town – Kamers

Just to the right of Big Bay, next to the smelly bird-poo-crusted rocks is a left-hander point with a formidable reputation. Best at low tide, it can get crowded.  You paddle out right next to the rocks for an easy drift with the rip and once out there you need to check where it’s best to line up because there are a few possibilities. The best takeoff, fast and exciting, is in the corner as near to the rip as you can get. From there you have long left ride.  Then there are possible take-off spots all along the wave wall and wide ones come through as well, so you have to watch for your best option. Occasionally you can get a little right wave as well, but the lefts are the thing. This spot almost always has better quality waves than Big Bay.
Big Bay’s beach front is buzzing with coffee shops. Feet freeze and ice cream headache are best nurtured at Mojos with Mojito and foot bath (they have ponds of water under the tables). They also have loungers. If you need wax, there is a well-stocked surf shop.
The crowd here is broad-shouldered and international. Kite and windsurfers from all over the world chasing the world title, train along this stretch of coast during the windy summer months. Lots of eye candy here.
Kamers is a compelling summer surf spot. It often produces a peeling wave. It works in a south easterly wind direction. There is  a lot of eye candy along this stretch of coastline.  We give Kamers 3 out of 5 stars.