Cape Town surf spots for experienced surfers – Llandudno

Cape Town’s Llandudno with its torquiose waters, refreshing temperatures and magnificent wedge-action sand bottom A-frame is beautiful.  It’s formidable in a big swell but an awesome offshore option in small summer waves. One way or another it breaks most of the time. Parking is minimal so get there early or be prepared to walk some distance, or to be turned away altogether on hot Summer days.
The beach is beautiful if you’re wanting to laze around and warm up. Relatively protected from summer winds, Llandudno is also a famous picnic spot. Bring a blanket and snacks and watch the sun go down over Africa’s south-western horizon.
The standard of surfing is generally high here and the vibe in the water competitive. There is also a healthy (unhealthy?) amount of localism. Paddle as if you mean it and you will score waves.
This spots deserves a 4 out of 5 star rating if you ride a shortboard or bodyboard, 2 out of 5 if you prefer a longboard or SUP. Llandudno is one of the most reliable spots in Cape Town in summer when most other spots are tiny and blown out. It’s also one of the spots in Cape Town to get barreled. The beach vibe here is stylish and cool and the setting is breathtaking. There are even showers on the beach. It loses one star because of localism, limited parking and because the water is always colder here than elsewhere.
Surfing Llandudno in Cape Town