Intermediate surf spots in Cape Town – Long Beach

Lefts and rights are equally good but watch out for the shorebreak. I’ve had a few unfortunate incidences here. It works well in most swell sizes and south easterly and south westerly winds. Drive towards Kommetjie and turn right, opposite the school.
Long Beach offers sufficient parking and a reasonable toilet block. Kommetjie village is a quaint, alternative little place. Check out the Green Room coffee shop on the Main Road to Scarborough, famous for its healthy smoothie and fruit juice range. Next door is a surf shop if you need wax. For sundowners park your car and walk up Slangkop to the white cross thats overlooking the bay. Its stunning up there.
This is not the place to go to on the weekend – the crowds can be
horrific.  But get it on an uncrowded day during the week and it can be a
wonderful break. Some of the groms you see in the water are potential future prosurfers and are home schooled by their mums.
Long Beach deserves 4 stars because of its consistency and the fact that it works in a sw wind (most spots in Cape Town don’t). Its a quality wave with a relatively easy take off and a workable face. You can get barreled here, in the section called Krons, to the right of the main break – watch the groms on their bodyboards.
Kommetjie Longbeach