Beginner surf spots in Cape Town – Milnerton Lighthouse

Milnerton or the Lighthouse, sometimes also called Millies is probably the closest surf spot to Cape Town CBD driving north on the R27, other than the Wedge inside Cape Town harbour. Pushing tide is best. At low tide it works too but does close out quite a bit. This place is all about sitting in the right spot. If you do and the sand banks are right (after a big storm) you can catch rides that make you smile for the rest of the day. Like the Wedge and Tanks, Milnerton lighthouse is offshore in a SE.
The steps at Milnerton are a fabulous hang-out for steaming hot “apres surf coffees” from Ilha or sundowners when the wind is not too strong.  If you feel like comfort food after a hectic paddle, Maestros is another great spot for scrumptious meals and sundowners. Bang is known for their clay-oven pizzas. If there are no waves, walk down the beach towards the river mouth and search for sharks’ teeth. If you don’t find any, ask one of the professional shark tooth collectors to sell you one. In winter after a strong storm the beach is littered with rubbish – anything from chinese cosmetic products to plastic dolls.
The vibe here is social and relaxed. You’ll find kids, longboarders and Stand-up paddleboarders in the water.
The Lighthouse scores 3 to 4 stars in summer because it is offshore in Cape Town’s prevalent southeasterly wind direction, it is rideable on all board types, a good beginner surf spot and because it can produce long rides when the banks are good. A light beam on top of Maestros restaurant extends after-work surf time. There are showers on the beach and the atmosphere is social and friendly.
Milnerton Lighthouse midtide