Beginner surf spots in Cape Town – Muizenberg

Muizenberg is the surf spot where most surfers got up on a wave for the first time. In a north-westerly wind direction and a southerly swell it produces slow gentle lines and long rides. You either love this place or you hate it – its particularly popular with longboarders and stand up paddle boarders, but hotties on shortboards might find it a bit slow. Muizenberg is one of the few spots in Cape Town that almost always got waves, especially in winter and can get epic in a big groundswell; even onshore here is more or less rideable.
There is plenty of parking along the Beach Road, but it can get crowded on weekends. Muizenberg is notorious for sharks, but more because of sightings then because of attacks. There has only ever been one attack in Muizenberg. A unique warning system is in place – shark spotters monitor the ocean from a spot up on Boyes Drive to spot any sign of a cruising great white.
Before you head into the water, check the flag status:

  • Black flag: A black flag indicates murky water which means the spotters can’t see sharks too well;
  • White flag with a shark: A white flag with a shark indicates there is a shark cruising in the water;
  • Red flag: A red flag says there has been a shark in the area in the last hour but you may go into the water at your own risk;
  • Green flag: A green flag means clear conditions and no sharks spotted. Have fun!

On a sharky day pop up to Boyes Drive and look down – see for yourself, try to spot a wondering white.

There are lots of coffee shops. Relaxed, surfy vibe,  freshly baked pastry and free Wifi sounds like paradise to you? The Empire Cafe is just beyond the railway tracks.

There are also plenty of surf shops. There’s Xpression, which specialises in stand up paddle boards, Lifestyle (very good deals on wetsuits), Roxy’s and Surf Shack. On the main road is The Corner Surf Shop (sponsor of the Muizenberg webcam and stockist of “artisan” boards ). The surf shops all offer lessons and hire out stuff.

This is the beachbreak where you will find the most women surfing in Cape Town. Many peeps in Cape Town have learned to surf here so the vibe is super relaxed and supportive. There is a huge stretch of beach and if its crowded and you are brave enough you can get in a solo surf on any given day by by paddling out further down towards the Muizenberg pavillion.
Us surfer girls love Muizenberg. Therefore it gets a 4 out of 5 for its sociable vibe and friendly coffee shops, its shark spotting program and of course the “warmer” water.
Cape Town surf spots Muizenberg