Big wave surf spots in Cape Town – Black Rocks

Black Rocks is worth a trip, if only to watch the guys and enjoy the scenery. Black Rocks is an awesome looking wave, which works really well, when offshore, in a westerly or south westerly wind and quite a big swell. There is a hectic hollow take-off on a bowl and then a relatively easy wall right and a mellow wall left (recommended girly option). The paddle-out looks pretty easy, from the rocks, and coming in ditto.
This break is in the Cape Point Nature Reserve and quite remote. Although a nice surf spot, pulling out an after-surf picnic is not advisable because of baboons. At the end of the peninsula is a very touristy cafe and once out of the reserve you have choices of Black Marlin at Millers Point (stunning view) and several places in Simonstown. The Meeting Place on Mainroad in Simonstown offers nice deli type food and has a fireplace.
Hard core okes with good bodies surf here.
For top quality, 4 out of 5 – it loses one point for not being girl-friendly (not much frequented by sisters – yet.)