Intermediate surf spots in Cape Town – Solly’s

Solly’s is a spot on the Cape Town side of Sea Point pavilion that only works when a fair size swell is running. On a very big swell it is
downright scary, so ride it on a medium swell if you are an experienced surfer, as the waves are thick and heavy. Paddle out in the v-shaped channel that is next to the storm water drain on the beach at the Cape Town end of the car park. There are two breaks: the ‘bowl’ and ‘outers’. The bowl is at the opening of the channel on the left side, and the wave must be caught at its peak. Get up quickly and go right and down around the bottom of the breaking section. The ride is a fairly short before you need to straighten out into the channel. The ‘outer’ wave is a right that breaks and runs along the rocky shelf. There is thick kelp to negotiate, but at high tide it can be ridden into the channel.

This description was sent in by Therese Russell.

Solly’s is in the center of densely populated Sea Point. There are heaps of coffee shops everywhere along Main Road, including a Kauai for Smoothies (if you are not cold enough), a really good pizza place, called Posticino and La Boheme, a wine bar serving gourmet yet hearty meals in a European type set-up. There is also a 50m public swimming pool right next to Solly’s.
This spot is a bit fickle but when it works, people know about it and it can get crowded quickly.
2 out of 5. When it works its epic. It just doesn’t work all that often.
Sollys close to low tide