Cape Town surf spots for experienced surfers – The Hoek

To the far right of Noordhoek is a small bay, hidden behind boulders. Set in a beautiful corner below Chapman’s Peak, it is best at low tide. It is an awesome wave, often very hollow, almost perfect. Not for the faint-hearted. I’ve only surfed here a couple of times on my longboard when the wave here has been relatively small. It’s a stunning wave but quite gnarly and definitely not a beginners’ spot. But if you’re one for a challenge, looking for barrels, go there in south easterly conditions, in a four to six foot swell from the west and at low tide.
It’s a mission to get to – park at the Noordhoek carpark and walk across the beach to your right and then clamber over the rocks.  Above the Hoek, on Chappies,  is a shark spotter, which is a comfort.  Nearby, Noordhoek
village has a few nice coffee/lunch spots to choose from.
The vibe here is serious. Go there if you know what you are doing.
5 out of 5. Classic barreling wave, stunning beach, shark spotting program in place, works in a south easter (it’s quite protected) and four to six foot swell.