Intermediate surf spots in Cape Town – The Wedge

Both Tanks and the Wedge still exist; it is, however, a grand mission to reach them. Until recently, to reach Tanks, you could park off Marine Drive Paarden Eiland and scurry through a hole in the fence and over the railway track. Then you made a perilous climb over a smooth rounded concrete sea wall and down onto the hazardous dollasa. But the hole in the fence has been mended. Now the only way in is if you park at Lagoon beach beyond the river mouth at the mountain end of Milnerton and walk the length of Woodstock beach. Tanks still produces a lovely wave and is a particularly good alternative when the Milnerton lighthouse break is too big and closing out for a comfortable session. The walk to the Wedge is quite a distance longer. To add spice to your experience, you could get arrested or fined, or both, if you’re caught at the Wedge, which is officially part of the American-friendly Cape Town harbour.
As it’s in the far corner of Cape Town harbour, loos and showers are non-existent.  If you set off to walk from the lagoon end, you might want to try Wang Thai, one of the best Asian restaurants in Cape Town.
Bring your friends because this surfspot is always empty.
3 out of 5. Tanks can produce excellent waves but it is a mission to walk to and the nearest drinking hole is at the lighthouse.