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Fireworks freak out – how to calm down your pet

by Michaela Gabriel in Dos & Don'ts | 1 Comment »

Dogs and fireworks - advise Even though Guy Fawkes is not a South African celebration its a good excuse for a party. While fireworks are pleasing to the eye our pooches can get rather freaked out.

Doggy ears are much better than human ears and so a bang to us is an explosion to them.  Lots of pooches are so freaked out they climb onto your lap, tremble like leafs and pant so much you will be covered in slime in no time.

Dogs have been so traumatised by fireworks they managed to escape from homes that were seemingly impossible to break out of. Dogs are so freaked out they’ll do anything to get away from the noise or run for protection to where they assume their owners are.

Its not surprising that the noise can have long lasting effects on your dog. Common symptoms are  nervousness, aggression and self-destructive behaviour.

What can be done to minimize the freak-out:

1) Don’t leave pooch alone at home.

2) Give them a good work out before tonight’s fireworks.

3) Create a peaceful atmosphere, with the curtains closed and the volume up loudly on TV, DVD or stereo.

4) Be there for your pet but don’t encourage fearful behaviour by patting or too much attention. Don’t say anything to them as all they’ll remember is that they got rewarded for being nervous.

5) Once they have calmed down give them a treat or some attention.

For more information on how to keep your pet happy during fireworks, read the tips by dog whisperer Cesar Milan.

Dogs and Fireworks