Surf spots near Cape Town – Koeel Bay

There are peaks all over. The main peak is called Caves and is, yes, you guessed it – where the caves are. Its a steep wedge shaped wave with a small take-off point. This peak is mainly ridden by bodyboarders. Depending on the sandbanks there are waves to be caught along the entire stretch all the way down Koegelbaai beach.

Careful! sharks have been spotted along Koegelbaai, but the only attack was a spear fisherman years ago. Coming from Gordons Bay, follow the beautiful coastal road towards Betty’s Bay. On a small, hot, windy summer’s day you will see cars parked along the road. You can see the main peak from the top of the cliff.

Its so much fun, you might want to stay the whole day. Bring something to eat – you will attack a shark if you don’t bring a picnic. There is nothing to buy, not even ice cream and cool drinks.
Beautiful beach with shady corners and a cool young crowd. Lots of Stellenbosch students suntan here on the weekends.
3 out 5 for overall experience rather than just quality of the wave. One brownie point for working in a small swell and one for working in a howling south easter.
Surf spot Koeelbay near Cape Town